Monday, July 30, 2012

Matt Oberg, Dawn McGee & Fiber One makes me sad! Gallagher at a Farmers Market

A tweaked version of the original

Here are Matt Oberg and Dawn McGee. They are in the Fiber One TV ad when the wife tells her husband that he needs to eat more fiber and he responds by telling her that fiber makes him sad. Its one of the funnier ads on TV.

And hey, Matt is gorgeous and so is Dawn; its amazing how much prettier they are in their every day life and head shots! Matt, if you dont want to eat fiber, its fine with me!

Go Matt, who is now in one of Geico's newest TV Commercials with Gallagher. Slow down the video or pause it and you will see Matt (with a blue sweater on) and his companion ask about the carbon footprint of cauliflower, lol only to get hammered with smashed watermelon. You can tell its Matt because of his deep voice.

Here is the clip:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oikos Greek Yogurt, John Stamos "Seeing John" TV Commercial

Here is a hilarious, new ad by Oikos. Two gals are eating yogurt, one of the husbands walks in, but when the girls keeping eating the yogurt they start seeing John Stamos. They stop eating, and the other husband appears so they start shoveling in the yogurt to bring back John. As of yet, I do not know who the 2 actresses and actors are, except for John Stamos

Here is the clip:

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches, Low Cloud, Haynes Brooke, and Sammy Kay

Here Sammy Kaye (Plays Low Cloud) and Haynes Brooke (Plays Mr Sun in ALL the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Commercials). Both have been doing other work, go ahead and google them for more information.

Here is an ad call "Low Cloud":

AT&T Uverse: "I invited some friends" in Miami, Gloria Estefan / Hotel Nacional, and Kenny Ortega

The top photo are some of the actors, actresses in the new AT&T Uverse TV Commercial. Also pictured is Kenny Ortega (Michael Jackson "This is it") The ad was filmed in Miami, FL and features a couple who with each addition of a guest comes a confession that they have 'invited a few friends'. Because of Uverse, you can move your TV anywhere you want, it will pick up the signal. During the ad, Gloria Estefan is singing her new song, Hotel Nacional

Here is Gloria's new song:

Acura ILX and Mike Ivers

Here is Mike Ivers. He is one of two actors that are in the Acura ILX ad; both ads are popular for the hot guys, the hot music, or just the car. In Mike's ad Nick Waterhouse is singing, Say I wanna know. Mike is in the Airport version. You can check other spots Mike has done:

Here is Mike's clip:

The Acura ILX tv commercial is The Office and I dont know who the actor is, yet. He is just as cute though. The song in this version is "Hit Me Down Sonny" by The Ting Tings.

Here is the clip:

Pre-Owned BMW Commercial; Time to go Papi!

This is from the new BMW Pre-Owned commercial. There are two actors, dont know who they are yet, but the commercial is worth watching more than once ...

Here is the clip: